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Humble Beginnings

All About Bara Lagacies

Bara Legacies is a Life and Financial Services Agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that has been in existence since 2016.


The word "Bara" is Hebrew and means "to create something out of nothing".  Cameron and Omorinsola Summers, a husband and wife team, are the owner and operators of this agency. Between the Summers team, Bara Legacies has over a decade of knowledge and experience with insurance, credit building and wealth building. Bara Legacies collaborates with 5 independent contractors that  pride themselves on imparting financial knowledge into individuals and families nationwide.


Currently, we serve thousands of clients in the Wisconsin, Texas, Maryland, Georgia and Nevada areas.  Bara legacies work extends into the church, federal organizations, small businesses, public schools and individual/family markets. Our services include but are not limited to financial workshops, annuities, financial literacy programs, credit services, tax services, life insurance, health insurance, ancillary benefits and free policy reviews. 

What Makes Us Different

Receive Top-Notch Care

Financial Experts

Over a Decade of Knowledge!

Outstanding Service

One-On-One Service, From The Beginning, & Always!

Family Approach

From Our Family, To Your Family!

Meet the Team

Here to Protect You

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Cameron Summers

Cameron Summers has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. He is currently the chief visionary owner of Bara Legacies. 


As a visionary leader, Cameron’s desire for wealth began as a kid when he watched his mom take care of him and his sisters, living paycheck to paycheck. Growing up living a very financially scarce lifestyle, Cameron developed a passion to help families thrive, and not just survive, financially.


He is determined to educate, inform and equip everyone he meets with financial education and wealth building tools to create their legacy! His  visionary leader within understands applied knowledge is power. Therefore, he provides information, as well as financial programs and resources to help people START building wealth using various financial tools.


Cameron's mission is freeing everyday people of financial pain and suffering that is associated with premature death and unexpected life events.  Cameron, who also goes by “The Money Coach”,   hosts a series of workshops titled "Women, Wine &Wealth", "Man & Money", and  "Hire-Your-Money To Work For You." Through these workshops, he educates individuals, families and businesses on how to make your money work for you.

Omorinsola Summers

Omorinsola Summers began her life and financial services journey in 2009. After graduating from UWM with a Political Science degree, Omorinsola began working for the Milwaukee Teachers Education Center. Mrs. Summers gained lots of knowledge and skills while employed at MTEC but she always felt like something was missing. The missing piece was entrepreneurship, Omorinsola wanted to one day own a business. God heard her request.


In 2009 she was introduced to the insurance industry at St.Matthew CME church. When first introduced, Omorinsola frowned at the opportunity because she did not see herself as a salesperson. What Omorinsola learned was insurance was only one piece of the puzzle. Throughout the years Omorinsola began to expand her knowledge in the Financial services industry and realized it is more than sales, it’s ministry.


Mrs. Summers has worked with hundreds of federal employees helping them with their retirement plans. She has conducted "Girl Get your Money Right", "Wealthy Me", "What the Health is Life Insurance" and "Don’t Go Fund me, Insure me" workshops . Currently she services over thousands of life, health, credit and tax clientele and it is her community mission to create initiatives that spread the importance and application of Financial knowledge.

As Bara Legacies CEO, Omorinsola's vision is that every family creates lasting financial legacies. The name Omorinsola means one who walks in wealth. Omorinsola plans to use her name to help individuals, families, businesses and staff walk into their financial freedom. 



Curonda Davis became a licensed agent in 2017. Due to the importance of family and finances, Curonda is passionate about wanting to help as many people as possible become insured. Curonda is licensed in all 50 States.As part of the Bara Legacies team, she prides herself on providing excellent customer service. 

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